Nephew missing while uncle found dead in IB River, Brajrajnagar

On 08th of March, Sunday, Sandeep Mehta (54) had gone to IB River near OPM with his two nephews and one niece. They were bathing nearby the side of the temporary road made up of sand. Ketan jumped to the river for caching the bucket which was gone away from him. Unfortunately Ketan did not know swimming and went under the water. To save ketan’s life Sandeep also jumped to river and both the nephew and uncle were missing in the river.

Seeing this the sibling crying and asking help to the labours who were working nearby there. They were looking for the man and the child but they did not get. In the evening a rescue team from Jharsuguda came and started the search operation for both uncle and nephew. They found the uncle body while the nephew is missing.

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