‘Historic, unprecedented’, Rahul Gandhi reacts to PM Modi’s first press conference

Reacting to PM Modi’s press conference, Rahul Gandhi said, “Very good. PM’s first conference comes two-three days before the election ends.”

As the last day of campaigning came to an end, the political parties wrapped up their poll campaigns and made a last effort to communicate with the people. While PM Modi addressed his first ever Press Conference, Congress President Rahul Gandhi too talked to the media.

Addressing the media Rahul Gandhi wittily remarked on the PM conducting the first conference. Rahul Gandhi said that it is ‘historic’ that PM Modi is conducting a press conference. He further took a jibe at the PM saying that it is unprecedented for a PM to conduct a press conference sitting besides party president. “Very good. PM’s first conference comes two-three days before the election ends,” Gandhi commented.

He also asked why PM Modi has not accepted his challenge of debate on the issue of Rafale. “While the Prime Minister is conducting a press conference, I want to ask him why hasn’t he accepted my challenge to debate on the issue of corruption in Rafale deal. Why were you scared of me?” Gandhi asked.

Reacting to PM Modi’s remarks on Pragya Thakur, Gandhi said that PM Modi’s ideology is of violence and it was never aligned with Gandhi ji’s ideology. Rahul Gandhi also came down heavily on Election Commission. He said that the Election Commission’s role has remained biased in this election. He said, “PM modi can say whatever he wants to say but others are stopped for it.” Rahul Gandhi alleged that EC made the entire schedule to help PM Modi.

Rahul Gandhi also mocked PM Modi’s cloud theory. PM Modi in an interview to a TV channel had said that he had suggested the experts during balakot airstrike that bad weather and clouds can help escape the radar. His comments created a lot of hysteria.

Talking about Congress’ role as the opposition party in the last 5 years, he said that the party has played an A grade role as opposition. On the question of whether Rahul Gandhi will become a PM or not, he said, “I am not going to disrespect the people of India by judging what they are going to decide.”

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