BJD-BJP spat continues over PMUY launch

THE mud-slinging between the BJD and the BJP over Sambalpur BJD MLA not being invited to the launch of Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) in Sambalpur on Monday continues with the BJP firing a fresh salvo. While the BJD addressed the media launching a broadside against the BJP accusing it of disregarding federal structure and lack of knowledge about ‘political culture,’ the District BJP launched a scathing attack on the BJD over the issue.

Addressing the media late on Monday, Kuchinda BJP MLA Rabi Nayak questioned the reason behind former Sambalpur BJP MLA Jayanarayan Mishra not being invited to functions of the State Government.

He said there have been  instances when BJP MLAs were humiliated by the BJD and it is surprising that the Sambalpur BJD MLA is now finding it hard to digest the fact that she was not invited. Nayak said he himself was not invited to many functions like inauguration of IIM in Sambalpur when other BJD MLAs from the district like Rohit Pujari and Ramesh Patua were  present. He said it has been a habit of the BJD to hijack Central Government schemes  and launch it as their own initiative.

Similarly, Padampur BJP MLA Pradip Purohit said the BJD MPs from Sambalpur and Bargarh remained absent on the direction of the third floor and blame game was yet another attempt of the BJD Government to cover up its own failures. He said as there was little scope for the BJD MPs to hijack the scheme, they preferred to stay away.

But many in the District BJD are accusing the BJD MPs of frittering away an opportunity to boost the image of the State Government. Targeting Sambalpur MLA Raseswari Panigrahi, the district BJD leaders accused her of promoting factionalism in the district BJD.

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