“The Orchard”, A Three star hotel in Jharsuguda

orchard-f20008“The Orchard”, A Three star hotel in Jharsuguda, is a unit of Garden Palace Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Huge portico at the entrance, cultured lawns and sculpted pathways… welcome to The Orchard, the only three star hotel in Jharsuguda. It is designed in a modern architectural pattern with a subtle touch of class. The interiors of the hotel have been done accordingly as well. Be it the pastel colours of the walls, the decor of the rooms, the tapestry, linens, furniture and upholstery; even the lighting has also been done in a very tasteful.

The Orchard
Bypass Road, Ekatali,
Jharsuguda 768202,
Odisha, India

Phone: +91 06645 270771, 72, 73, 74 / +919338187452

Satya Ranjan Das: 09776241046,
Songsaptak Pal: 08018737144,

Sarthak Guru: 09439754516,
Amit Chakraborty: 9692839614,

Sidharth Sahoo: 9778124599,
Home Delivery No: 06645605010

Email: [email protected],
Website: www.theorchard.in


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