Russian dancers mesmerise Bargarh audience

Bargarh Dhanu Yatra is a combination of the traditional dramatic form and cultural extravaganza where classical and folk dances are performed to entertain the audience. While the heroic dialogues of King Kansa all through the 11-day-long Yatra are attractive and energetic for the audiences, the dances of all forms are also equally entertaining and enjoyable.

This year, the Yatra organisers have gone a step further with inclusion of five lady dancers from Russia and Rostov who performed both classical and folk dances on Ranga Mahal in ‘Mathura Nagari’ (Bargarh town) as well as on Nanda Mandap of ‘Gopapur’ (village Ambapali).

Three young women dancers from Russia, Valentina, Martha and Maria, as part of cultural exchange, performed Dalkahi, Rasarkeli and Odishi on Ranga Mahal of Kansa Maharaja. At the same time, two other lady dancers from Rostov (a part of the formerly USSR)- Elyonora and Angelina also performed Bharat Natyam on Nanda Mandap at Gopapur.

“Their talent and skill in the Indian dance form is incredible. They are as efficient as the Indian dancers,” commented Surendra Hota.  Within a very short period of time, these foreign dancers have captured the skill, posed for dance and presented it flawlessly, Hota commented. “From their adroit presentation and intricate footwork, no one can feel that they are just amateurs but apt professionals,” said another organiser Sureswar Satapathy.

Dalkahi, Rasarkeli, Odissi and Bharat Natyam from these Russian and Rostov dancers were highly appreciated by all those who witnessed the dances on Ranga Mahal and Nanda Mandap, the organisers admitted. “We are highly impressed by Indian culture and dance form. We will also spread it in our country,” Angelina said.

On the contrary, the students of Saraswati Sishu Mandir of Bargarh after being trained by the Russian dancers also presented ‘Balinki Dance,’ a folk dance of Russia on the Ranga Mahal. Meanwhile, in the open theatre of Bargarh, the story of Krishna Leela has been dramatized.

Lord Krishna has taken birth in the Karagara (jail) of Mathura Nagari. He has been also shifted to Gopapura in the midnight. Bijuli Kanya, through ‘Sunya Bani’ (voice from the heaven) has told Kansa that his killer is growing in Gopapura and all his plans to kill Lord Krishna inside the jail would be foiled.

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