Villagers tap self-help spirit for water supply to homes

People of Sambalpur’s Kusamura village have ensured that their homes have round-the-clock water supply. One to two members from each family rendered “shramdan” for over a month. They all dug up a trench for laying of water pipes from a spring, 4 km from the village. Their effort has not only ensured them water for household use but also to irrigate 60 acres of land around the village.

While a local NGO has provided them technical help, Jamshedji Tata Trust (JTT), Mumbai has helped them with finances. “We provided pipes and technical expertise to people. But it is the efforts of the villagers that made the project possible.

Now they would get constant supply of water as it does not require electricity nor machine to pump the water in this project”, said president of the NGO Pradeep Behera said.

He said the trust provided financial support to the project under diversion based irrigation (DBI). Project consultant Sanjay Kumar Ray said the project was possible because of the geographical condition of the village.

“Since the village is located deep inside the forest and has a spring 4 km away, we decided to use the spring water as the source of the project. The location of the source at a height of nearly 20 ft from the village has helped the project”, Ray said.

The water project has unified the villagers. “We have our own differences. But we are now united because of the project. We feel jubilant and energetic working in the project,” said ward member Sarojini Nayak.

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