Averted a Train accident in Dhutra, jharsuguda

A major train accident was averted on a diverted train Bangalore – Ghuwahati (12509) when a tree fell on the high tension wire which caused this train to stop for 2 hours. This train was coming from Bangalore via Vishakhapatnam. This incident occurred inbetween Dhutra – Jharsuguda Railway station. This Train was heading towards Ghuwahati around 3 P.M. when weather changed and strong winds forced a tree to fall on the high tension wire overhead. The Winds were so strong that the tree fall on the tension wire and got stuck following a sparks coming out. Train stood at the same and many passengers who were travelling jumped off the train fearing of short circuit. At the time of this chaos a small child has received minor injuries while his dad who was accompanying her also jumped off from this train. The Train stood for an hour for help. After half an hour the Railway Relief train had come to the spot and started its work at full pace. Almost 1.5 hours of speedy work by the Relief workers the tree was cut down and cleared. Due to this many other trains were halted in stations. No other Causalities were reported.

This Train which was an diverted and was running 12 hours late carrying more than 5000 people who boarded this train when this incident occurred. As the train was it diverted from its normal route and being travelled more than 1000 KM. Passengers of this train complained that there was no water facilities as well as there was no TT & Guard were available in this Train.

Kala Baishakhi in Jharsuguda



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