Howrah-Chennai route trains through Jharsuguda-Sambalpur temporarily

Train operations on the Howrah-Chennai route through Odisha are set to be disrupted from May 25 to 27 as the South Eastern Railways has decided to take up repair works on the Up line between Jaleswar and Amarda Road Station on the Kharagpur-Bhadrak section.

Several trains will be cancelled, short terminated or diverted from 5 pm on Friday to 3 pm on Sunday as the SER will undertake the repair works.

The cancellations include the 12074/12073 Bhubaneswar-Howrah-Bhubaneswar Jan Satabdi Express and 58005/58006 Kharagpur-Khurda Road-Kharagpur passenger will be cancelled on May 25 and 26. The 12278/12277 Puri-Howrah-Puri Duronto Express stands cancelled from May 25 to 27.

Also cancelled will be 22874 Visakhapatnam-Digha weekly express leaving Visakhapatnam and 12896 Puri-Howrah weekly Express leaving Puri on May 24, 22873 Digha-Visakhapatnam weekly express leaving Digha and 12895 Howrah-Puri weekly Express leaving Howrah on May 25.

The 12571 Howrah-Satya Sai Prashanti Nilayam Express leaving Howrah on May 23, 12572 Satya Sai Prashanti Nilayam-Howrah Express leaving Satya Sai Prashanti Nilayam on May 25, 22849 Shalimar-Secunderabad Weekly Express leaving Shalimar on May 26 and 22850 Secunderabad-Shalimar weekly Express leaving Secunderabad on May 27 also will not ply on the route.

The 12802 New Delhi-Puri Purusottam Express leaving New Delhi on May 24 and 25 will run on diverted route via Tata-Dangoaposi-Jakhapura and Cuttack. The 18478 Haridwar-Puri Kalinga Utkal Express leaving Haridwar on the same days will be run on diverted route via Jharsuguda-Sambalpur-Angul and Cuttack.

The 16310 Patna-Ernakulam Weekly Express leaving Patna on May 25 shall be diverted via Adra-Chandil-Jharsuguda-Sambalpur and Vizianagaram. The 12508 Guwahati-Ernakulam weekly express leaving Guwahati on May 25 shall be diverted via Kharagpur-Jharsuguda-Nagpur and Balharshah.

The 12754 New Jalpaigudi-Chennai Weekly Express leaving New Jalpaigudi on May 25 will be diverted via Adra-Chandil-Nagpur and Balharshah while the 15630 Guwahati-Chennai Weekly Express leaving Guwahati on the same day will ply via Asansol-Joychandi Pahar-Garhdhrubeswar-Chandil and Jharsuguda. The 15902 Dibrugarh-Yeswantpur Weekly Express leaving Dibrugarh will also be diverted via Kharagpur-Jharsuguda-Sambalpur and Vizianagaram.

 Similarly, on the down line 12801 the Puri-New Delhi Purushottam Express leaving Puri on May 25 and 26 shall be diverted via Jakhpura-Dangoaposi and Tata. The 18477 Puri-Haridwar Utkal Express leaving Puri on May 25 and 26 shall be diverted via Angul-Sambalpur and Jharsuguda.

The 12509 Bangalore-Guwahati Express leaving Bangalore from May 23, 24 and 25 shall be diverted via Balharshah-Nagpur-Jharsuguda? and Kharagpur while the 15227 Yeswantpur-Muzaffarpur Weekly Express leaving Yeswantpur on May 23 shall be diverted via Balharshah-Nagpur-Jharsuguda and Kharagpur.

The 15929 Chennai-Dibrugarh Weekly Express leaving Chennai on May 24 will run via Vizianagaram-Sambalpur-Jharsuguda and Kharagpur as will the 16323 Trivandrum-Shalimar Express leaving Trivandrum through Balharshah-Nagpur-Jharsuguda and Kharagpur.

The 12821/12822 Howrah-Puri-Howrah Dhauli Express and 18409/18410 Howrah-Puri-Howrah Sri Jagannath Express will stop at all stations between Kharagpur and Balasore from May 25 to 27.

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