Slum children turn delinquents

Mitu (11) gets up really early in the morning without parents’ coaxing. It’s not the school bell that has him up, instead it is the lure of filthy lucre through petty thefts.

For the children of Rani Bandh slum in Baraipali area under Ainthapali police limits, it has become a way of life. They are up before dawn and go scurrying for small things that can fetch them money.  Since the things stolen are not costly, they either go  unnoticed or the matter  is never reported to the  police.

After disposing of the stolen items, the delinquents sit down for a game of gambling which continues till dusk. They sit behind tall bushes to avoid attention of passersby and the police. And whenever pulled up, they leave the place  immediately to assemble at another location.

Despite being informed about the delinquency, the police have so far failed  to catch the children red-handed.  Their parents too have expressed helplessness as they are mostly out the entire day earning a living.

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