Odisha: Rohit Pujari the new warrior of BJD in Sambalpur

In viewing the poor condition of BJD in past three election of Zilla Parishad no one can imagine in dream that this time BJD will get a huge success but now it’s going to be true. Earlier from here the anti congress parties like Janta Dal, Janta Party & Present Biju Janta Dal never met such a success.

This is all because of the young & dynamic BJD leader Rohit Pujari, who gave the taste of success to his team & blown new life in the party which lying lifeless. The dashing youth leader Rohit Pujari brought life to almost sleeping BJD in district with this astonished the opponent BJP & Congress.

Out of 19 seats of Zilla Parishad in Sambalpur BJD is leading in 10 seats. It would be fair to point out specifically that Sambalpur was once a stronghold of Congress, thereafter of BJP, now BJD has imposed a dent here. In the last election of Zilla Parishad BJD got only one seat, but this time BJD gets a huge success & it is almost sure that BJD will be constituted the Zilla Parishad at Sambalpur on Wednesday 22nd of February.   In the assembly areas of Congress MLA’s, BJD has been got success. It was confirmed & proved from such a huge success that the opposition failed to prevent the stride of BJD & BJD has taken the lead in the polls and raised the banner.

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