On Demand of Separate state, campaign starting from 23

Demanding separate Kosal  state once again Koshal Kranti Dal (KKD)  is once again  started their campaign. According KKD, by taking this demand of Separate Koshal State a   mass campaign will be starting from 23rd of December till   January 23rd in whole Western Odisha. Beside this on the issue of separate state, KKD will encompass in front of the houses of Western Odisha’s silent sitting MLAs & MPs in upcoming April 2012.

In a press conference organized by the KKD, Party central president Pramod Kumar Mishra said that on a separate Kosal state at starting stage this movement was limited only to cities, but this time the movement will be taken to villages. For this public campaign will be run till January 23rd in five steps starting from 23rd of December. In this respect, the political parties which support Kosal movement will be harmony in the forthcoming panchayat elections. Also support would be given to those candidates who support Kosal movement.

Mishra further said that the in country now once again the issue of separate states is raising. Uttar Pradesh assembly has passed the proposed of four separate state .On Telangana issue Andhra Pradesh’s MLAs and MPs are already joined the movement by given their resignation. But regret is of that all the legislators and parliamentarians of Western Odisha are sitting tight-lipped on separate Kosal state .If these MLAs & MPs of Western Odisha will  not announced their support to Kosal movement then by upcoming  1st of April  picketing will be in front of their houses. Mishra further informed that in Western Odisha the lawyers’ movement has been going on since a long years on demand of a permanent bench of Odisha High Court .As KKD urged from lawyers to led Kosal movement in support to their mother soil, so that we will definitely won the battle.

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