Naxal poster at Rengali Tehsil Office creates sensation

Naxal poster founded at Rengali Tehsil Office of the District. Which create sensation in the region this type of incident happen first time in the region it also spread fear among the people in the region. This poster of threatening is stuck by Odisha labretion Tigers (OLT). Rengali police seized this poster & started investigation on it.

OLT poster founded at Rengali Tehsil Office has been evocated that to be mobilizing mass with ten-point demand. it also written that be careful those doing business on our land, giving Appointment to the local unemployed in the various plants in local area, giving contracts workers to their rights, stopped given jobs to outsider, to close the brokerage system in Government action, roads & electricity to all villages, to stop the exploitation of laborers, etc. has been sought in the poster.

It has been threatened to the company & administration that works in the region to fulfill all the demand in the poster otherwise ready for horrible action. Rengali Police said that we are still not clear that whether this poster was made from any Maoist syndicate or by someone else to create sensation.

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