Favouritism alleged in selection of lecturer

An applicant for post of a lecturer in history Department of Sambalpur University here on Saturday alleged that all norms were thrown to wind in selection of candidate.

Ratnakar Mohapatra, who was alleged to have been ignored for the post despite possessing all qualifications, urged Governor Murlidhar Chandrakant Bhandare to institute an inquiry into the case of alleged favouritism.

Armed with documents obtained by exercise of Right To Information Act, Mr. Mohapatra here charged a less-qualified candidate was selected for the post while deserving candidates were ignored. The dejected candidate has also moved the High Court over the matter.

In a memorandum submitted to Governor, Mr. Mohapatra said, “as many as 18 out of total 23 candidates had faced interview for the post of lecturer (unreserved category) in history. Among these, 14 candidates are Ph.D holders and rest are merely UGC-NET holder candidates. The authorities have selected candidate who has not even completed M.Phil and Ph.D degree.”


“As per the guidelines of UGC, the higher degree holder candidate should be preferred in the selection, but the procedure has been completely neglected by the selection committee,” he alleged.

Mr. Mohapatra further charged according to mark-sheet which was secured by exercise of RTI Act, he was atrociously given low mark on criteria of research and publications while the selected candidate has been awarded highest marks she had no such publication to her credit.

Governor was urged to cancel the selection of candidate for lecture post and ensure deserving

The above content taken from THE HINDU

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