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Internal conflict beginning of BJD’s end: Jagdish Tytler

AICC member in-charge of Odisha Jagdish Tytler on Friday predicted that the Congress would come to power in the state in 2014 assembly elections. He, however, admitted that the party had failed to highlight the centre-sponsored schemes among the people of the state. The Congress leader was attending a meeting of Congress workers and party

Odisha Government cannot afford to feed a peon

Claiming that the Congress led UPA government at the Centre had funded about Rs 2 lakh crore under different schemes to the BJD government in Odisha, AICC General Secretary Jagdish Tytler today said he would soon bring out a booklet in this regard. “The Government of India have funded Rs 2 lakh crore for implementation

200 crore to topple the Naveen Pattnaik government

Sambalpur vigilance team raided Hotel Radhika Regency here on Monday evening in the wake of allegations by Keonjhar MLA Subarna Naik that some BJD leaders and mineral traders had met there on May 26 to raise Rs 200 crore to topple the Naveen Pattnaik government. The raid came hours after chief minister Naveen Patnaik dismissed Sarada

Pyarimohan is sambalpur’s Dayanidhi Meher

While sharp resentment against Member of Parliament Pyarimohan Mahapatra has been brewing up all over the State, here in a Press release, former member of BJD State committee Sailesh Chandra Dani has compared him with Dayanidhi Meher of Sambalpur who was instrumental in getting Vir Surendra Sai arrested by the then British Government. “It is

Heat-wave to continue for another 48 hrs in State

Sizzling temperatures coupled with hot winds continued making life miserable for people in the entire State. As many as 25 persons succumbed to sunstroke and extreme weather conditions. However the alleged death due to sun stroke has touched 105. Due to continued heat-wave conditions, the interior areas covering western parts of the State, are experiencing

Gandhamardhan Parvat

It is learnt that when the great disciple of Ramachandra in Ramayan the Great Epics of India , the great hero Hanuman was flying with Giri Gandhamardhan means the Great Mountain called Gandhamardhan from Himalayan Range which one was full of medicinal plants and was required for the treatment of Laxman, who was at death

Harishankar, A hindu Pilgrimage

Harishankar is located on the southern side of Gandhamardhan hills in Balangir. It is 165 km from Sambalpur, 81 Km from Balangir.  The Harishankar dazzles with a series of bewitching waterfalls cascading on the hillslopes. Sri Sri Harishankar Devasthana, in India, is on the slopes of the beautiful Gandhamardhan hills , Orissa. It is popular

Averted a Train accident in Dhutra, jharsuguda

A major train accident was averted on a diverted train Bangalore – Ghuwahati (12509) when a tree fell on the high tension wire which caused this train to stop for 2 hours. This train was coming from Bangalore via Vishakhapatnam. This incident occurred inbetween Dhutra – Jharsuguda Railway station. This Train was heading towards Ghuwahati

Pakhala Bhat

Pakhala Bhat is an Oriya term for an Indian food consisting of cooked rice washed or little fermented in water. The liquid part is known as Torani. It is popular in Orissa, Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. The Bengali name for this dish is Panta Bhat. Eating pakhal has been recommended to prevent heat stroke

Basi Bhat

Basi Bhat  is made by soaking cooked rice in water overnight in a earthen pot.   Care must be taken to cover the dish during the long soaking to avoid contamination. In the morning, the soaked rice is usually eaten with salt, lime and green chili, anything roasted like alu bhaja, jhuri(small fish), sukhua, tamator chitka, hedua